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Gregor Hildebrandt - Elis by ANNE - Vinyl Record LP

Gregor Hildebrandt - Elis by ANNE - Vinyl Record LP

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Produced by Grzegorzki Records, 2021
12 inch black LP
Produced, recorded and mixed by Toby Siebert at Radiobuellebrueckstudio, Berlin
Open edition 

Drums, E-drums and Choir Singing: Sandra Hilpold
Vocals, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar and Synthesizer: Johannes Lotz
Electric guitar, Choir Singing, Harmonica and Theremin: Dr. Tosh
Bass, Choir Singing and Omnichord: Boris Saccone

Mastered by Kleine Klinke
Painting by Boris Saccone
Artwork by Anne Rülicke

Side A:

Die Felder
Freunde der Nacht
Die Sonne

Side B:

Die Bäume
Die Dunkelheit