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A message from the curators:

The three of us, Dayanita Singh, Moyra Davey, and Justine Kurland have worked for decades in some relation to photobooks. We have worked through them, empowered by a form that makes it possible to share our work, as well as in response to them, at times mounting critiques against them. We might argue that photography’s greatest potential is its literary form; photobooks are at once objects, adventures, and parts of history, timeless and enduring despite existing as fixed points in time. They are vehicles propelling their contents proudly forward so that they might have what Dayanita Singh called “a conversation with a stranger in the future.” We would like these to be conversations with many strangers, beckoning to as many potential futures.

Small presses and independent book fairs make for a more democratic approach to publishing, to the benefit of those lesser-known artists who might have been overlooked by large publishers in the past. We are delighted to make whatever contribution we can to this paradigm shift.

We have curated a bookshelf for Perrotin Gallery’s bookstore in conjunction with the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair of titles that have stunned us and taken our breath away, essential voices that ought to be distributed to as expansive an audience as possible. It was an honor to assemble this collection and we hope others will share our fondness and genuine passion for the books we’ve gathered here.

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