Laurent Grasso - Studies into the Past (Available Signed)

Laurent Grasso - Studies into the Past (Available Signed)

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Produced by Perrotin, 2020
Offset print
52 x 50 cm | 19.7 x 20.5 in

Standard version: Open edition
Signed version: Limited edition of 100 with signature and numbering by the artist 

This item ships in late spring, 2021 from Perrotin New York 
To order from Paris please visit here. 

More about the artist:

Located at the intersection of heterogeneous temporalities, geographies, and realities, Laurent Grasso’s films, sculptures, paintings, and photographs immerse the viewer in an uncanny world of uncertainty. The artist creates mysterious atmospheres that challenge the boundaries of what we perceive and know. Anachronism and hybridity play an active role in his strategy, which entails diffracting reality in order to recompose it according to his own rules. Fascinated by the way in which various powers can affect human conscience, Grasso seeks to grasp, reveal, and materialize the invisible, from collective fears to politics to electromagnetic or paranormal phenomena. His work reveals what lies behind common perception and offers us a new perspective on history and reality.