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Katherine Bernhardt - Hot Summer Sandía Slime
Katherine Bernhardt - Hot Summer Sandía Slime
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Katherine Bernhardt - Hot Summer Sandía Slime

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Package includes:  

1 jar of Watermelon shaped soft clay (with popsicle stick) 
1 jar of Watermelon Popsicle scented jelly slime 
2 stickers designed by Katherine Bernhardt 
Slime care guide with slime activator 
Assortment of charms: avocado, watermelon, banana 

Limited edition of 1,000
Lids signed by the artist are available in limited quantity 

100% of the profits benefit three mental health non-profits: Sad Girls Club, NAMI, and Love is Louder. 


• Wash your hands before and after sliming 
 “Activate” slimes that are sticky (mix1 tsp of borax in 1 cup of water, let it dissolve, add a few drops at a time, knead in and use as needed)
• Soften slime that is stiff by adding a little lotion or warm water; or keep it in a warm place for a few days
• Have fun
• Do not give to children under 5 or pets
• Do not eat the slime 
• Do not drink the activator 
• Do not get it in your hair or on your clothes or carpets (rinse with white vinegar or glycerin if you do)
• Do not stress

From the Sloomoo Institute:

Artist Katherine Bernhardt partners with New York-based slime experience and shop, Sloomoo Institute, to create a limited-edition slime that evokes the spirit of her work to raise funds for mental health.

Founded by Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller, art collectors on the Board of Advisors of the Brooklyn Museum, Sloomoo Institute is largely inspired by contemporary art. “When we created this company, we always wanted to collaborate with artists we love,” explains the founders, “Katherine was the first person we thought about. Her work is energetic, playful, colorful. Her son loves slime and so does she. It was a natural fit.” 

Hot Summer Sandía is equipped with two parts – a soft clay watermelon popsicle, meant to be mushed into the base slime, a “jelly” texture that is stretchy, inflatable and easy to make ASMR pops with. The jelly slime is the shade of watermelon and loaded with recyclable plastic beads that mimic watermelon seeds. It comes with additional charms (to add to slime for decoration) that resemble the typical
Bernhardt iconography – a little banana, an avocado, and watermelon slices. Scented like watermelon too, the artist named the slime, “Hot Summer Sandía.”

Bernhardt spent her quarantine in Guatemala, where she was eating a lot of exotic fruit and local desserts, including a triangular ice cream on a stick that resembled a watermelon shaped and colored popsicle, which is what the slime is based on. “I found the popsicle at a cute tienda in Antigua where they make homemade popsicles with natural flavors. This slime is all about a love of watermelon, a love of the smell of
watermelon, a love of the sticky summer feel of eating a watermelon, a love of the joy of eating ice cream in the summer, a love of summer and a love of playing with gooey slime,” says Bernhardt, “I am happy that proceeds benefit Sad Girls Club, Love is Louder and NAMI.”