Chiho Aoshima | Sky, 2005

Chiho Aoshima | Sky, 2005

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Produced by Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd, 2005
Offset lithograph
68 x 68 cm | 26.7 x 26.7 in
Edition of 300
Signed and numbered by the artist 

Limit of 2 per customer / household. 

Courtesy of Kaikai Kiki:
Chiho Aoshima made her debut with a series of chromogenic prints that took advantage of her mastery of Adobe Illustrator but has since gone on to produce digital animations, sculptures, and hand-painted works. With imagery dealing mainly with Japanese yokai and graveyard spirits, she uses dialog with the extra-dimensional to explore the personal landscape of her own subconscious. Perhaps in an attempt to gather material for such works, she has lived next door to a cemetery for the past ten years.

Whether it’s cruel, catastrophic scenes of human dismemberment or nature expressing its rage in the form of natural disasters, her images are conceived in a violent array of colors and at times seem the product of a brutal mind, but are in fact her primitive response to the terrors of our world.