Cristina BanBan - Le Marais #1, 2021

Cristina BanBan - Le Marais #1, 2021

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Published by Louis Buhl & Co. Detroit
Printed by Deb Chaney Editions & Ateliers Guilbaud Paris
4 color lithograph on Arches 270 gsm paper with deckled edges
76.2 x 55.9 cm | 30 x22 in
Limited edition of 35
Signed and numbered by the artist
Includes certificate of authenticity 

About the edition:

Louis Buhl & Co. is pleased to present a series of three limited edition lithographs by Spanish-born-Brooklyn-based artist Cristina BanBan, titled Le Marais. BanBan is recognized for her maximalist compositions featuring voluptuous and exaggerated figures in a bold palette of fleshy hues emphasized through wide brushstrokes. In order to create Le Marais, BanBan visited Paris where she worked closely with Deb Chaney Editions and printed at Ateliers Guilbaud.

Despite having lived in Spain and London, this trip was BanBan’s first time to Paris. Through the guidance that Deb, Stéphane and the team provided, BanBan became familiar with the art of lithography, a process into which her work seamlessly translates. When she wasn’t working at the studio, BanBan spent much time exploring the city—its freshness, beauty, and rich history serving as direct inspiration for what would become Le Marais. Le Marais is a district in Paris best known as one of the city’s main localities for art galleries; September of 2021 is when BanBan created the three lithographs.

Le Marais #2 is a 3 color lithograph printed from a photo-lithographic plate. Each color was drawn by BanBan onto 3 separate sheets of drafting film using gouache, Stabilo colored pencil, and litho crayon. Each film was exposed directly to a separate photo-litho plate. The first color, orange, was printed using a Voirin flatbed press. The consecutive colors—olive green, and black—were printed in the same manner in registration with one another as the artist intended.