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Jean-Michel Othoniel - Invisibility Faces Necklace (EN008.8)

Jean-Michel Othoniel - Invisibility Faces Necklace (EN008.8)

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Produced by the the artist in 2018
Carved obsidian, wooden beads with leather cord
Each necklace is unique in a limited series of 10

Each piece has unique markings and varies in stone size. Please inquire for additional photographs and measurements. 

About the series

The Invisibility Faces necklaces are inspired by Jean-Michel Othoniel's obsidian natural stone sculptures displayed upon wood plinths. 

These mysterious meteorite-like obsidian sculptures are made of volcanic black glass stones from Armenia. Othoniel arrived at the title for his obsidian series, Invisibility Faces, after reading Georges Didi-Huberman’s book "The Cube and the Face: Around a Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti". In Didi-Huberman’s descriptions of Giacometti’s uncanny, crystal-like form, Othoniel recognized the character of a semi-living thing. Like Giacometti's "Cube", each of Othoniel’s obsidians is a thing and an image -- a body and a stone. 

Each necklace is unique, shaped by the natural facets created by its formation and history.