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Josh Sperling - Birds of Paradise, 2020

Josh Sperling - Birds of Paradise, 2020

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Produced by Perrotin, 2020 
Offset print

50 x 80 cm | 19.6 x 31.5 in

Signed: SOLD OUT
Limited Edition of 100, Signed + numbered by the artist 
Ships without delay from Perrotin New York 
Limit of 1 per customer 

Standard posters will ship from New York in winter 2020 
Unsigned posters are also available from Perrotin Paris. Please order here. 


About the artist:

Josh Sperling draws on the language of minimalist painting from the 1960s and 1970s, primarily working with shaped canvases. He crafts intricate plywood supports over which canvas is stretched and painted in a signature palette of saturated, sometimes clashing colors. In their three-dimensionality, his works blur the lines between painting and sculpture, image and object. Mining a wide range of sources, from design to art history, Sperling has crafted a unique visual vocabulary remarkable for its expressive quality and irrepressible energy.