Nick Doyle - Not So Grand After All, 2023

Nick Doyle - Not So Grand After All, 2023

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Produced by KMAC, 2023
Digital print on archival Hahnemuhle paper 
Paper size: 61 x 40.6 cm | 24 x 16 in 
Image size: 49.5 x 30.5 cm | 9.5 x 12 in 
Limited edition 25
Signed and numbered by the artist

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition "Old Roads and Broken Records" at the KMAC museum in 2023. 

About the artist:

Nick Doyle is keenly aware of the legacy of the American notion of Manifest Destiny. Known best for sculptural wall works made from collaged denim, Doyle infiltrates the vocabulary of Americana to examine greed, excess, and toxic masculinity. Doyle uses the road trip—a pillar of American mythology—as a point of entry to his work in order to question the persistence of Rugged Individualism as the fabric of our national identity. Through a series of mechanical miniatures, theatrical scenery, and satirical prop-like denim works, the artist foregrounds the dangers of nostalgia and our evolving relationship to consumerism. Seemingly innocuous, Doyle’s imagery—vending machine, typewriter, cigarette pack—and materials—indigo and cotton—tell a story of American colonialism and consumerism, as well as explore the influence of media on global trade systems. By employing materials that hold cultural significance, the artist both reflects on and critiques social and political agendas that are often at play in contemporary life and visual culture.