Thomas Schlesser - Les Yeux de Mona (French)

Thomas Schlesser - Les Yeux de Mona (French)

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Published by Abin Miche 2024
Paperback, 496 pages
15 x 22 cm | 6 x 8.6 in 
Text in French, English version expected in Fall 2025

ISBN 9782226487162

From the publisher

Fifty-two weeks: that's the time Mona has left to discover all the beauty of the world.

This is the time that her grandfather , a learned and whimsical man, took to introduce her , every Wednesday after school, to a work of art, before she lost, perhaps forever, the use of his eyes.

Together, they will travel through the Louvre, Orsay and Beaubourg. 

Together, they will be amazed, moved, questioned , captivated by the spectacle of a painting or a sculpture. Borrowing the views of Botticelli, Vermeer, Goya, Courbet, Claudel, Kahlo or Basquiat, Mona discovers the power of art and learns about gift, doubt, melancholy or revolt, a precious treasure that her grandfather wishes to inscribe in her forever.

A great novel of initiation into art and life , the story of a sunny relationship between a little girl and her grandfather, Les Yeux de Mona has a fabulous destiny: translated in more than twenty countries even before its publication in France is an international phenomenon.

Selected for the RTL-Lire Literary Magazine Grand Prix 2024.